Personal data and cookie polisy


As the owner of, General Polymers Ltd. is the administrator of the personal data of the website visitors.

To achieve the required functionality, /hereinafter referred to as the website or the site for short/ uses so called cookies. When You using it /the site/ and with Your agreement with our Privacy Policy You are agreed with the cookies we using in accordance with the terms of this policy.

We can collect store and use the follow types of personal information:

  • Information about Your computer and about Your visits in this website /including Your IP address, geolocation, web browser type and it`s version, type of the operation system, visit duration and visited pages/;
  • Information that You giving us when You using our inquiry and contact form /incl. name or names, e-mail and postal addresses, phone number/;
  • Information included or connected with any kind of communication made or send trough our website /including the content of communication and the connected meta data/;
  • Any kind of personal information that You are chose to send to us.

IMPORTANT: Before You share personal information that belongs to another person You are supposed to have his/her permission to do that, both for the disclosure and processing of that personal data in accordance with this policy.

The personal information that You provided to us will be used for the purposes that this policy defines.

  • Your /provided/ personal information may be used for:
  • To administrate our website and business;
  • To customize our website for You and/or Your needs;
  • So You can use all function and services that our website provides;
  • So we can provide services or/and information that You asking us for;
  • To send You a messages /by e-mail, phone or fax/ and/or phone calls that You requested or expected.

We will not share your personal information with third parties for any purpose whatsoever without your explicit consent.

We may reveal given personal information if law measures force us to do it in connection with any ongoing or future legal proceedings or to protect our legal rights.

We will not share any of Your personal information to third parties except that provided in this policy.

The personal information we process for any purpose will be stored no longer than is necessary for fulfill that purpose or purposes.

Notwithstanding other regulations we will keep documents /in this count electronic ones/ that contains personal information to the point we are obligated by the law to do so, or if we believe that same documents can be important for any ongoing or future court proceedings and for applicate  or protect our legal rights.

We will take technical and organizational measures to protect any loss, misuse or deletion of Your personal data. We will keep all personal information we collect to our password protected servers.

You agree that sending information via internet is insecure by default and we can’t secure the data traffic via internet.

We keep our right to update this policy by publish new version of it in our website.

You can check for any changes of that policy any time You want to make sure You agree with any changes related to Your data.

You may ask us to share with You any personal information that we store about You. That may lead You to:

Fees payment if the information is have to be transmitted on a physical carrier or otherwise which requires payment of fees.

We can ask You to provide evidence about Your identity /like certified by a notary public photo copy of Your ID or photocopy of invoice where Your postal address is written/.

We have right to not reveal any personal info that is asked from us into the limits permitted by the law.

You can inform us to stop using your personal data at any time.

In fact when You using our website You agree and allow us to use Your personal data for business purposes. We giving You an opportunity to opt out of using of Your personal information.

Our website may contain hyperlinks leading to details or/about third parties.

We do not control them that`s why we are not responsible about their Privacy Policy  and third party practices.

If Your personal information that we have needs to be corrected somehow please just notify us about that.

Our website using cookies.

The cookie is a file which contains ID /a sting of letters and numbers/ which is send from a web server to a web browser which keeps it. Every time when a page on the web server is loaded that ID is sent back to the it.

Cookies can be two types permanent or session.

Permanent cookies will be kept from the web browser until their time ends unless they are not being deleted from the user before that.

Session cookie will end in the end of user session – when the web browser is been closed.

Generally the cookies does not keep any info that identifies user but Your personal information that is kept can be linked to the information that is kept in and delivered from cookies. We using the both types of cookies on our website. Most of the web browsers allow cookies to be blocked. The user is free to do that at any time. Blocking of all cookies have negative impact to the most websites usability. If You block the cookies You will not be able to use all of the functions of our website. You can delete the cookies that Your computer already kept. Deleting of the cookies will have negative impact to the most websites usability.