Base polymers

GENERAL POLYMERS Ltd can offer the following brands of conventional polymers:

Technical polymers

GENERAL POLYMERS Ltd. offers a wide range of technical polymers:

Supplements for polymers

GENERAL POLYMERS Ltd. can provide and deliver a wide range of polymer additives.

Основни полимери

"Дженерал Полимерс" ЕООД, може да предложи следните марки конвенционални полимери:

Technical polymers

"Дженерал Полимерс" ЕООД, предлага богата гама от технически полимери:

Supplements for polymers

"Дженерал Полимерс" ЕООД може да осигури и достави широка гама добавки за полимери.

Technical consulting

Technical consulting

GENERAL POLYMERS Ltd may provide technical advice for You in the following directions:

  • Selection of production equipment - both main and auxiliary;
  • Choosing the right material for a specific product. A specific formula can be developed for a compound that fully meets your requirements if that is what it needs. GENERAL POLYMERS Ltd has established long-term partnerships with Western Europe companies from which are manufacturers of compounds by a specific requirements;
  • Technology development - both for production of single products and for whole production site;
  • Analysis and optimization of existing production processes;
  • Production documentation making;


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Technical solutions
Qualified assistance in selecting main and auxiliary equipment.
Materials selection
Competent help in material selection for your product.
Equipment delivery
Assistance in ordering and supplying equipment.
Materials supply
High quality materials and competitive prices.
Spare parts
Spare parts by European manufacturers at affordable prices.
Utilization of the technological waste from your production.
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